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Get to know SGDCLOUD®

A Musical Beginning

SGDCLOUD is a recording artist from Cumbria, England.

SGDCLOUD evolved from a passion for music of many genres. Over time this had a huge influence on his own music creations. Recent releases ‘Night-time’, ‘Breathless’ and ‘Praised’ showcases his talent, which results in music that is atmospheric, emotional, and current.


In January 2021, a move to Ableton Live gave SGDCLOUD the platform to showcase his abilities. With over 10,000 virtual instruments at his disposal, SGDCLOUD creates original music capturing performances using next generation synthesis and instruments such as Nexus 3 and Ample Guitar. Vocals are obtained and licensed through


Workflow is either to create an original song to then find vocals to fit or a vocal is found which inspires the creation of a complete original song around it.


The result is original music where only the vocal or occasional sample is the only aspect of a song not performed or recorded by SGDCLOUD.​


With a YouTube channel and other social media sites under the name SGDCLOUD, music is accessible both through social media as well as major music distribution services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

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